RD Board Members


The suggestion regarding the institution of a registration board for dietitians was mooted in 1977, during the 12th annual convention of IDA and started functioning from January 1981. The main objective of forming the board was to ensure minimum standards of teaching and training in dietetics and to maintain a registry of professional dietitians.

The Registration Board (RD Board) consists of the Chairperson who heads the board, National President of IDA, Ex-officio who is the former chairperson of the RD Board, two practicing dietitians and two academicians nominated by the National Executive Committee (NEC). Each member is to serve a term of 3 years. The board is responsible for all activities related to the registration of dietitians.

RD BOARD  (Jan 2020 – Dec 2022)

Chairperson, RD Board

Ms.M.Bamini (M.Sc. RD)
34/1, Navarathna garden
2 nd Main road,
Ekkaduthangal, Chennai – 32

Email: rdboardida@gmail.com

Members – RD Board

Dr Jagmeet Madan (Ph.D., RD)
National President, IDA
Email : idanationalpresident@gmail.com
Ms. Salome Benjamin (RD)
Ex-officio member, IDA
Email : salomebenjamins@gmail.com
Mrs. Ritu Sudhakar (M.Sc. RD)
Dietician, IDA
Email : sudhakar.ritu@gmail.com
Dr Eileen Canday (Ph.D., RD)
Dietician, IDA
Email : ecanday@gmail.com
Dr. Asna Urooj (Ph.D.)
Academician, IDA
Email : asnau321@gmail.com
Ms.Vibha Hasija (M.Sc. RD)
Academician, IDA
Email : vibhahasija@gmail.com