Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics applies to all members of the IDA working in the sphere of nutrition and dietetics as academics, dietetics practitioners, researchers,members engaged in community serviceor any other area of work. By accepting membership to the IDA, the individual agrees to abide by this Code.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioner agrees

  • To discharge his / herresponsibilities in all honesty,integrity and fairness.
  • To provide professional services with objectivity, accountabilityand confidentiality keeping in mind the health, safety and welfare of the public at all times,and do no harm.
  • To adhere tohigh standards of professional competence and practice, following evidence based principles and current information which is updated from time to time, assuming a life-long responsibility and accountability for professional competence.
  • Nottoengage in advertisingor endorsementof goods,services or products in a manner that is false, deceptive or misleadingbutto provide accurate and truthful information tothe publicor individuals. Nottolend/couple her/his name with any merchandise so that it appears that she/he is promoting or advertising a brand.
  • To be committed to educatingand mentoringstudents, interns and colleagues.
  • Toprovide objective and fair professional evaluations of performance for employees, colleagues, job applicants, students and interns.
  • Toencourage research in the field of dietetics, participate in leadership and other roles that support, advocate and advance the profession.
  • Not to use IDA name or platform or logo or Dietetics Day name or platform or logo for self-promotion.
  • If a national level activity is promoted/ endorsed by a specific chapter, IDA logo to be used after approval of NEC. For local chapter activities, IDA logo with chapter name at the bottom to be used.
  • To respect the IDA, its code of ethics, and its code of conduct while representing the association in various regional, national and international forums.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioner understands that the IDA reserves the right to revoke or suspend her/his membership in the IDA and/or standing as a Registered Dietitian if she/he is found to be in violation of this Code of Ethics.