Q) Who is a Registered Dietitian?

A) Registered Dietitian (RD) is a title awarded to applicants who successfully complete the RD examination conducted annually (usually in the month of February) by RD Board of the Indian Dietetic Association.

Q) What is the eligibility for writing an RD exam?

A) Click here for eligibility criteria for RD exam

Q) Is IDA life membership compulsory to write the RD exam?

A) Yes, candidates who apply for RD Exam should have a life membership of IDA for at least six months before applying for the RD Exam (e. May 31stof the year before the exam). For example, if you wish to appear for RD exam in Feb 2021, you should be a life member of IDA before May 31, 2020.

Q) Which are the hospitals recognized to conduct RD internship?

A) List of hospitals recognized for RD internship is given on the IDA website. Click here for the list

Q) If the internship is done as part of course work, will the candidate be allowed to write the RD exam?

A) RD Internship should be done separately and not as a part of any course work, unless RD Board has approved such an internship as per the requirement.

Q) How long is the internship valid for?

A) RD internship is valid for 5 years only from the date of completion. If a candidate wishes to write the exam after the internship validity period is over, the candidate must repeat the 6 months RD internship ORcomplete 5 years of work experience in a multi-specialty hospital in order to take the RD exam.

Q) What is the percentage marks required to pass the exam?

A) A candidate needs an aggregate of 50% marks for qualifying, and a minimum of 45% marks in each paper. There will be no re-evaluation of RD exam answer papers.

Q) How many case studies should a candidate prepare and how many case studies are to be presented?

A) A total number of 50 case studies need to be prepared by each candidate during the internship, out of which 6 cases should be done in detail as per case study format given on website.

Case study presentation: 2 case studies to be presented for evaluation in presence of a 2-member jury (one internal and one external) and 4 case studies to be presented in the dietetics department of the same hospital where the candidate interns. The external jury member can be from the same hospital or from the same IDA chapter.

Q) Is the internship done under a dietitian who works in a single specialty clinic / hospital considered as criteria to write the exam?

A) Single specialty clinics or hospitals will not fulfill the criteria for RD exam. Only hospitals recognized by the RD board and listed on website meet the requirements.

Experience of dietitians should include only hospital experience and not the experience earned from health centers.

Q) Can internship be done in two different hospitals?

A) No. The 6 months RD internship needs to be done in a multi-specialty hospital which follows the competency package listed on the IDA website.

Note: In case any other clarification is needed, please refer to IDA website regarding internship, training, competency package, certificate, RD Exam etc. You may also send an email to the Chairperson RD Board at to clarify your doubts.