IDA Board

National Executive Committee & Chapters

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is elected once in 3 years. Senior members from various chapters are elected to the NEC and take active part in running the organization. Currently there are 23 chapters of IDA in various parts of the country. Each chapter has its own Local Executive Committee (LEC) which runs scientific programs and meetings at a convenient periodicity. IDA has over 13000 members pan India. All members of NEC and LEC work voluntarily for the betterment of the association and the profession.


President Jagmeet Madan Dr Jagmeet Madan, 11,Merry Niketan, Mount Mary Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai-400050
Immediate Past President Sheela Krishnaswamy
Vice President (HQ) Mitali Palodhi
Vice President Anuja Agarwala
Vice President Shilpa Joshi
General Secretary Sumana Mondal Sumona Mondal, P 403, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani, Near Goal Park, P.O Sarat Bose Road, Kolkotta 700029
Joint Secretary (HQ) Ila Roy
Joint Secretary (President) Sheryl Salis
Treasurer Ipsita Chakravarti Ipsita Chakravarti.Address: 74A Ashoke Avenue,Kolkota 700092,West Bengal
Publication Secretary Nina Singh
Member Geetha Santosh
Member Sangeetha Narayan Swamy
Member Geeta Dharmatti
Member Madhu Sharma
Member Preeti Shukla
Member Rima Rao
Member Meenakshi Bajaj
Member Neelanjana Singh
Member Naaznin Husein
Member Anooja Thomas
ICDA Director & Representative Sheela Krishnaswamy
AFDA Representatives Anuja Agarwala
AFDA Representatives Shilpa Joshi
AFDA Representatives Mitali Palodhi


CHAPTER PRESIDENTS – IDA (Jan 2019 to Dec 2021)
Bangalore Dr Sandhya Singh
Bengal Malabika Dutta
Bihar Mamta Kumari
Chandigarh Sunita Malhotra
Chattisgarh Shilpi Goel
Chennai P. Krishnamurthy
Coimbatore Dr Sridevi Sivakami
Delhi Anita Jatana
Gujarat Dr Bhavna Baid
MP Vinita Jaiswal
J & K Nasreen Paul
Jharkhand Ghazala Matin
Kerala Soumya. S. Nair
Kilakarai Dr Nazni P
Punjab Dr Jaspreet kaur
Mumbai Zamurrud Patel
Mysore Dr Sushma Appaiah
Nagpur Kavita Bakshi
Odisha Sunita Sahoo
Pune Shilpa Shirole
Pondicherry Haripriya Sureshkumar
Rajasthan Dr Nimali Singh
Telengana Haritha Bathina

The RD Board is actively involved in setting standards of practice for dietitians in clinical practice. The Board has developed a competency package for training the interns. The Board conducts an annual exam and those who pass the exam are allowed to use the title ‘RD’ after their name.

Chairperson RD Board Ms. M. Bamini
National President Dr. Jagmeet Madan
Ex-officio member Ms. Salome Benjamin
Board member (Dietician) Ms. Ritu Sudhakar
Board member (Academician) Dr. Asna Urooj
Board member (Academician) Ms. Vibha Hasija
Board member (Dietician) Dr. Eileen Canday