Awards and Prizes

At every national conference, the following awards and prizes are given away to the best candidate who is chosen by a panel of judges based on a number of criteria. Entries for these awards are usually called for when the conference details are announced by the hosting chapter.

  • Pratima Kaushik Award – Clinical Dietetics
  • Swaran Padak Award – Experimental Nutrition
  • IDA Award – Community Nutrition
  • IDA Award – Food Science / Technology
  • IDA Pune Chapter Award – Clinical Case Presentation
  • IDA President’s Award for Posters in
    • Clinical Dietetics / Nutrition
    • Experimental Nutrition
    • Community Nutrition
    • Food Science / Technology

Additionally, Prof Amiya Kumar Bose Memorial Lecture and Founders’ Oration are presented in the conference by high achievers in the field of food, nutrition or dietetics.