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In 1962, a group of like-minded nutritionists, dietitians and workers in the allied health fields resolved to form a scientific body to highlight the importance of dietetics and nutrition in the maintenance of health, and in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Thus, the Indian Dietetic Association was founded.

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Special RD applications can now be filed till Oct 10, 2021 ,5 pm IST

RD board is now accepting
applications for RD and Special
RD exam 2022

RD Exam 2022 will be held on
Feb 12,2022

Special RD Exam will be held on
Feb 19,2022

Special RD Exam 2022- click here

Special RD Exam syllabus – Click here

Ujjwal Case study Series 2021

Chapter wise RD (2021) Result with RD Numbers

“Clinical practice Audit”
The link for the study on clinical practice in india

IDA is a member of ICDA (International Confederation of Dietetic Associations)

IDA is a member of AFDA (Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations)

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