Eligibility for Hospitals offering RD internship

  1. Hospitals should be approved and recognised by RD board.
  2. Hospital Recognition Form to be duly filled and sent by 31st March through local Chapter President.
  3. Bed strength of the hospital should be at least 100 or greater.


Eligibility of Dietitians offering RD internship

  1. Hospital dietitian with minimum two years full time experience post RD with a clinical job profile (not part time).
  2. OR 10+ years’ experience with a minimum five years in a multispecialty hospital.
  3. Every eligible RD trainer can take only two candidates for a period of 6 months which amounts to only four candidates every year.
  4. Dietitians in administration/managerial roles are not eligible as trainers.
  5. Chapter Presidents to sign and write ‘Approved’ on the form. The final decision of approval rests with the RD Board.
  6. Change in staff structure of RD trainer dietitians should be informed to the board within 30 days.
  7. RD trainer leaving the hospital in between internship training should complete the required paper work and documentation of the RD trainee student.
  8. List of RD interns (Annexure 1) should be handed over to the RD Exam applicant for uploading along with the application form.
  9. Following the competency package is mandatory by all RD trainers.
  10. Annexures 3 & 4 duly filled and signed should be handed over to the intern for uploading with application form.
  11. Internship Certificate should be given to the student.
  12. RD Internship should be done separately and not as a part of any course work.
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