The need for a healthy lifestyle, wellness, fitness, nutrition therapy, diet counseling, etc., is increasing in the community.  Nutrition guidance and diet counseling are important aspects of good health. The information imparted to the patients / public should be evidence-based and done by a qualified expert

Dietetics is an important profession with growing career opportunities. A dietitian integrates and applies food, nutrition, social sciences and management theory, works with individuals and populations to create strategies to enable clients/patients to achieve their food, nutrition and health-related goals.

Unqualified practitioners mislead the community with unscientific information and half-baked knowledge. This can lead to serious health hazards.  Nutrition supplements, food products, meal plans or dietary recommendations should be done only by qualified experts who have the required competence.

RDs are the most credible and valuable source for nutrition advise. They are professionals with sound qualification who have received specialized formal accredited education and training and undertake internship in hospitals.  They are life members of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) & required to adhere to IDA’s code of ethics.

The RD title is a differentiator for quality advise for patients.  While all registered dietitians are nutritionists, not all nutritionists are registered dietitians.  The IDA Registration Board awards a registration number to applicants who successfully complete the registration examination after going through an intensive internship program designed by the RD Board which is on par with international standards.

The IDA RD Board’s main objective is to ensure standards in dietetics practice and maintain a register of professional dietitians.

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