Healthy lifestyle, wellness, fitness, diet therapies need is increasing for better community and disease free life.  Nutrition guidance  is a important aspect of  Health. This Nutrition guidance needs to be evidence based and with sound qualification.

Unqualified Practising Dieticians mislead community with various advises and misleading quotes. They  have increasing impact on health and economics of the community. This can lead to serious health hazard. Prescribing a nutrition supplement, food product or any health product should not be in the  hands of a unqualified practicing dieticians as it will give worst prognosis to individuals healthy life.

RDs are most Valuable and Credible source of Nutrition advise. They are Skilled Professionals with sound qualification and evidence based knowledge.  Dietitians (RD) are health care professionals who have received specialised formal accredited education and training, and undertake internship in hospitals, and who are Life members of Indian Dietetic Association & required to adhere to IDA’s code of conduct.

The Registered Dietician (RD) reflects to consumers’ authenticity. This title will differentiate the rigorous credential requirements she has gone through and highlight that all registered dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians.  The Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) Registration Board (RD) awards Registration to applicant who successfully qualifies in the Registration examination after going through a intensive internship Programme designed by the RD Board at par with international standards.

Dietetics is a vital, growing profession with many career opportunities. The Dietician through the integration, translation and application of food, nutrition & social sciences and management theory works with individuals and populations to create strategies to enable clients/patients to achieve their food and nutrition-related goals.

The Indian Dietetic Association main objective is to ensure standards in dietetics practice and to maintain a register of professional dietitians.

There is an increased awareness of The Indian Dietetic Association’s role as a key organization in food and nutrition by media, government agencies, allied health organizations and consumers.

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