1. Protocol & Process
    Eligibility requirements for Registered Dietitian examination
    (Process is defined below)
  1. Scope:
    2.1 Only students who have attended full-time graduation and
    post-graduation course will be eligible. Students enrolled in online
    graduate programs and distance education are not eligible for the RD

    2.2 Chief dieticians of recognized hospitals will be responsible for
    checking proper documents before admitting the intern for an

    2.3 The date of the exam will be announced on the website in the 1 st
    week of June of the academic year.

    2.4 The RD application form will be available from 1 st September to the
    end of November of the academic year.

    2.5 Students will be able to download hall tickets from the website by 1 st
    week of January.

    2.6 Results will be declared 8 to 10 weeks post the exam, the student
    will be intimated on the website.

    2.7 Certificates will be issued to the students who pass the exam.

  1. Process:
    The dietician eligible for the RD examination should fulfill the undermentioned criteria
    [1.1 + 1.2 (a/b/c) + 1.3 (a/b) + 1.4]
    [1.1 + 1.2(a/b/c) + 1.3(a/b) + 1.5(a/b)]

    1.1 Life Member of IDA (before the commencement of internship)

    a. Graduate Degree in Food Nutrition & Dietetics
    b. A graduate in BSc Home Science with Food and Nutrition as a specialization. The student should have covered a minimum of four courses out of the following:
    Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, Basic Nutrition, Clinical
    Nutrition, and Therapeutic Nutrition.
    c. Graduate Degree in a science stream with a minimum of 3 nutrition-related subjects like (i) Basic Nutrition (ii) Biochemistry (iii) Human Physiology (iv) Diet Therapy (v) Clinical Nutrition (vi) Diet in Diseases

    a. Post Graduate Diploma in Food Nutrition & Dietetics
    b. Post Graduate Degree (M.Sc.) in Foods & Nutrition/Clinical Nutrition/Dietetics

    1.4 Six-months of continuous internship from hospitals recognized for RD training that is listed on the IDA website (idaindia.com) and in accordance with the competence standard package

    a. Five years of experience in a multispecialty hospital as a full-time dietitian (clinical portfolio only) from hospitals recognized for RD by IDA.
    b. For a candidate from a hospital that is not listed for RD training on the IDA website. Five years of experience in a multispecialty hospital as a full-time dietitian (clinical portfolio only) and a recommendation letter from the IDA Chapter Convenor to be submitted.

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